Model making: It was great to catch up with @sebastiancoxltd at his studio this week.

Sebastian is making a model of Grain House for the forthcoming @nlalondon @dont.move.improve exhibition of the winning projects. Seeing as we won the ‘Materiality and Craftsmanship’ award it seemed only fitting to team up again with Sebastian who worked on the kitchen and some of the cabinetry at Grain House.

The model is designed to articulate the idea behind the project: a series of timber sculptural elements that respond to landscape and context.

The model is made from Ash and the roofs CNC cut to re-create the rhythm of the slats which will then be lightly brushed with a blowtorch to give the roof a graphic edge like the project itself.

Looking forward to seeing it complete and in the exhibition that opens at the end of the month in Coaldrops Yard.

More details to follow…

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Re-posting: Paddy & Keir, @whitakermalem our lovely clients for Garden House, posted this amazing video of the roof last week – 6 years after completion….!

After some winter casualties, Keir has things looking tip top again with pup plants from the ones that are doing well along with new plants from Colombia Road Market.

The experiment continues…! Might have to take another visit ourselves soon…

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Exhibition: Looking forward to exhibiting Grain House at the @nlalondon @dont.move.improve at Coal Drops Yard later this summer along with a fantastic set of winners…!

#hayhurstandco #dontmoveimprove #grainhouse #architectureexhibition


Work in progress: A test section for a pied-a-terre in west London.

We have been developing options for a 58m2 micro-site: a gap between buildings and under a tree in Earls Court, west London.

This has included testing different ways of creating ‘discrete’ space: different roof profiles, structured green roofs and ways in which daylight falls into the accommodation through the leaves in the tree.

#microsite #discretesite #newhome #londonarchitecture #londonhome #architecturalsection #architecturaldrawing


Expert witness planning inquiry success: In spring last year, Nick was appointed by Lewisham Council planning department to act as the Local Authority’s architectural Expert Witness in the case of a school building that had not been built in compliance with the original consent.

We prepared an assessment of design, townscape and technical matters in response to appeals lodged against the serving of a multi-option enforcement notice and refusal of a section 73 application as well as providing alternative design proposals that could be implemented to remedy the planning breaches.

Following an intense 5-day planning inquiry in March this year which included impassioned evidence from local residents and the school community as well as expert evidence, the appeal decisions were published this week: the council won with the Inspector agreeing with our evidence and upholding both appeals.

Team: Nick Hayhurst, Jamie Wakeford Holder, Marina Konstantopoulou


Timber Triumph. Grain House. Check out this video that @nlalondon @dont.move.improve made of our ‘Grain House’ in Hackney as the winner of the ‘Materiality & Craftsmanship Award’. The link is in the bio .

The video really shows off the spatial and material ideas as well as how the internal spaces open up to the courtyard and garden.

Big shout out to the team:

Project Architect: Holly Crosbie
Project Director: Jon Nicholls
Contractor: Rebuild London
Engineers: @webbyates

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Whoop whoop… We are delighted that Grain House has won the 2021 @nlalondon @dont.move.improve ‘Materiality and Craftmanship’ Award.

The awards citation says:

The prize recognises designs that take particular attention to detail and care when considering materials and finishes: Grain House demonstrates innovative material choices and construction techniques.

Native timber species have been used across the project, the plan configuration is if anything against the grain of a Victorian terraced layout, with a resultantly different sequence of spaces and spatial feel. Walls are of natural and clay plaster, while fully inset timber doors lead out onto the garden, where the extension’s naturally weathered Siberian larch-clad roof is visible, above a charred larch below the canopy.

The studio at the end of the garden echoes the timber-clad theme, providing a convenient space for homeworking, with roof joints rotated in plan to give a roof that gives ornamentation to the structure, plus a picture window back to the main house.

‘I’m very impressed by the detailing of the junction of the roof and the walls. It’s worked very nicely’ – @pgsmurray, Judge.

‘He was saying it’s gnarly, but it’s actually pretty perfect. That’s quite difficult to get right… It’s perfectly intimate’ – Amin Taha, Judge.


Earth Day: The amount of embodied carbon used in the design of every-day residential projects is not talked about as much as it should be. As today is Earth Day, we are talking about it…!

On ‘Grain House’, we limited the use of concrete and steel and used timber where we could both as a structure and as a finish. We worked with @webbyates who calculated the embodied carbon of the project to be just 191 kgCO2e/m2. This allows the house extension and new garden studio to come in well below the RIBA 2030 domestic target of 300 kgCO2e/m2.

But, there is still a lot more to do and we are going to keep talking about it…

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On site: Our flint-flavoured dormer window looking good in yesterday’s midday sun.

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We have an exciting opportunity for two recently-qualified architects to join our growing team in London.

We are currently working on a wide range of projects from one-off houses, to new-build schools through to estate regeneration strategies. The position will involve work on a number of projects through all RIBA stages with a focus on either one-off homes or education and community projects in the first instance.

We are looking for a talented designer with experience of taking projects through design, detailed design and construction stages: a team player with an appetite to think big alongside an eye for the nitty-gritty and who isn’t shy of technical challenges. The successful candidate will be a design-led motivated architect that can deliver high-quality projects.

Hayhurst and Co. is an equal opportunities employer and a member of the London Practice Forum. We are keen to receive applications from a diverse range of candidates and we actively encourage applications from under-represented groups.

Key requirements:

·RIBA Part 3 (or equivalent qualification) and be ARB registered
·UK-based practice experience
·strong design skills and technical detailing knowledge
·experience across all RIBA work stages (particularly working at RIBA Stages 4 and 5 in the UK)
·experience of UK regulatory framework including building regulations and CDM
·excellent written and verbal communication skills
·proficiency in Revit, Adobe Creative Suite and Vectorworks preferred
·effective interpersonal skills and the ability to work well in a team
·good communication and presentation skills
·excellent time management, organisation, planning and attention to detail
·ability to work autonomously as well as part of a team
·ability to multitask while working under pressure
·ability to think creatively and problem solve through design

Please submit a PDF of your CV, portfolio and professional work samples (less than 10MB and no links to file sharing applications or websites) with covering letter to jobs@hayhurstand.co.uk. Salaries will be in the upper half of the range set out in the RIBA Guide.

Deadline: Friday 23 April


Nice Bond: We have recently been appointed to refurbish and retrofit a Grade II listed house in the village of Orston in Nottinghamshire.

The 3-storey farmhouse dates from the early C18th is constructed of mixed stretchers and headers in a rather lovely Flemish bond. Definitely worthy of a close-up!

#bond #brickbond #brick #flemishbond #orston


Work in progress: a new double-height entrance carved out of an existing school building in north London. The project will create a new community facility and early-years centre with new shared landscaped spaces.

#architecturaldrawing #architecturaldiagram #diagram #communityspace #hayhurstandco


Whoop whoop…! Grain House has been shortlisted for the @nlalondon @dont.move.improve 2021. The shortlisted entries have published in @dezeen and other journals today.

Looking forward to the winners being announced…

Project Architect: Holly Crosbie
Photo credit: @kilianosullivan
Structures: @webbyates

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On site: ‘Green House’ was looking mighty fine on site this week…

The atrium in the centre of the house is looking pretty sharp: the balustrades and staircase are in and we’re looking forward to the CLT doors going in the gaps…

Project Architect: Claire Taggart
Photo Credit: Jonathan Nicholls

#clt #timberengineering #hayhurstandco #newhome #londonarchitecture


On site: flinty fresh on a sunny Sunday in north Norfolk.

Most the scaffold was struck this week revealing the flint work in all its glory. In the morning sun you can see it’s texture and the micro-shadows on each flint.

Looking forward to the rest of the progress on the project.

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Landscape dialogues: with a number of new commissions in the studio, we have been thinking a lot about how we make material and tectonic interventions in landscape spaces this week.

How we layer landscape and how we layer our interventions within it. How we synthesise these conditions rather than having one dominate the other. How do our designs reveal the dialogue between the man-made and the natural and how does it play out in terms of hierarchy, texture and tone.

Looking forward to sharing our work in progress soon.

Image is from Grain House. Photo credit: @kilianosullivan

#nature #manmade #landscape #intervention #materials


Lecture: If you happen to be in Leicester this evening (so to speak) pop in…

Nick will be giving an open lecture to the Architecture School at the Leicester School of Architecture, De Montford University entitled ‘Essays in Play’ where he will be talking about about a number of current projects for schools and learning spaces.

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No cigar: Hayhurst & Co. were really pleased to have been invitied by @studio.aki to collaborate in an invited RIBA competition for a series of public realm upgrades across east London’s iconic Becontree Estate.

Our entry looked at working with local residents to turn under-used corners of the estate into bio-diverse and active green spaces.

We didn’t make it this time but well done to @nimtimarchitects for winning the competition. Looks great…!

#competitionentry #notthistime #architecturalcollaboration #collaboration #beacontree #beacontreeestate


Pinch punch, Grand Designs front cover of the month… hahaha

The March issue includes a lovely 14-page article on ‘Grain House’ in Hackney written by Anna Winston entitled ‘Everything Connected’.

Photo Credit: @kilianosullivan

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Hayhurst & Co Project Architect, Tony Berongoy, will be talking in a careers summit with ‘GT Scholars’ tomorrow, Saturday 27th February alongside a range of diverse professionals from a range of careers and industries.

This is an event for 13-18 year olds and is free to sign up and attend.

The day is split into a number of discussions and masterclasses and Tony will be speaking in one panel and moderating another panel about STEM careers. Sign up…!


#mentoring #hayhurstandco


We were thrilled to have Faith from St Saviour’s and St Olave’s and Nancy from Charter East Dulwich in the studio last week as part of the RE—SET—GO programme: 2 of the 18 paid work placements for 16-24 year olds from under-represented groups that live in Lambeth, Lewisham, Southwark or Wandsworth.

Faith and Nancy helped research and develop design ideas for sustainable green and blue roof strategies for a number of new homes on infil sites around London that we are currently developing designs for. They were researching, sketching, 3D-modelling, sharing and presenting ideas with the team.

RE—SET—GO is led by @we_made_that @if_do and @gortscott. Hayhurst & Co. is one of the employer partners that make up @forum.london, a collective of 21 leading London architectural practices who care about the city, its people and its built environment.

Funding support comes from Stride, who campaign to build networks that inspire imaginations, encourage collaboration and the exchange of knowledge.

Big thank you to Project Architect Tony Berongoy and Claire Taggart for guiding Faith and Nancy through the week.

#resetgo #workexperience #hayhurstandco


Today, we are reminiscing about our project for Marble Arch Island after yesterday’s unveiling of @mvrdv proposal of ‘Marble Arch Hill’.

In 2016, we won an invited competition to design a new café, event space and landscaped public realm on the same spot. The competition win involved the planting of the dis-used subterranean walkways and the creation of a new timber boardwalk at grade with two mirror-clad, planted pavilions.

It also included trees raised on mirror clad planters raised off the ground. The aim to was to recreate the Italian sunken gardens that once existed on the west side of Hyde Park and to create an immersive landscape experience that would act as a threshold between the hubbub of Oxford Street and the tranquility of Hyde Park.

Images: Holly Crosbie, @studioarchetype

#marblearch #marblearchisland #pavilion #competitionwinner #theonethatgotaway #boardwalk #sunkengarden #hydepark #hayhurstandco


A snowy studio day on our terrace in Fournier Street. #fournierstreet #hayhurstandco


In the press: Great to see Grain House on the front page of Italian architecture and design journal ‘Abitare’ this month.

There is an 8-page article inside entitled ‘Welcomed by a privet – love it…

Photo Credit: @kilianosullivan

#grainhouse #hayhurstandco @abitare_magazine #houseextension #londonarchitecture #hackney #londonhouse


First Ideas: We are currently developing designs for the refurbishment of a 3-storey post-war town-house in north London.

Work in progress images are exploring the architectural journey through the house: spatial connections, material language and transitions from ‘rich’ spaces to ‘light’ spaces.

#workinprogress #hayhurstandco #architecturalimages #londonarchitecture #architecturaljourney


Wood on wood: The central atrium space at ‘Green House’ – a new 5-bedroomed House In north London – was opened up this week.

The photograph shows the varying use of CLT (as joists, ring-beams, floors and walls) to help form depth within the spaces. Spatially, the changes in floor level and the opening up of the central, double-height dining space create layering and thresholds in section.

Project Architect and Photo Credit: Claire Taggart

#greenhouse #clt #woodonwood #newhome #londonarchitecture #hayhurstandco @eurban_limited


Pegasus Academy: Clearing up old photos on my laptop and found this from c. 2015 of Pegasus Academy in Thornton Heath. Let there be more gold in 2021…

#moregold #goldschool #thegoldschool #pegasusacademy #croydon


Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year 🌲🕺🕺

The image underneath is from the CLT frame at Green House. A new-build, 5-bedroomed house currently on-site in north London. Watch this space for more in the New Year…

Photo Credit & Project Architect: Claire Taggart

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On site: Blue skies for our last visit before Christmas… The 3G pitch is down, trees are in. Looking forward to the children occupying the whole site in the New Year.

Photo Credit & Project Associate: Jamie Wakeford Holder

#edithnevilleprimaryschool #hayhurstandco #schooldesign #learningspaces #onsite #londonarchitecture


Grain House: We are pleased to announce that Grain House is one of the 47 projects shortlisted for the Hackney Design Awards. The awards for different categories are being announced every day this week with the main awards on Thursday. Watch this space…!

#hackney #hackneydesignawards #designawards #houseextension #londonhouse #grainhouse #hayhurstandco


We’re delighted to be one of the 21 members of the London Practice Forum participating in RE—SET—GO, a programme that will make space for excluded voices and pilot ways to build more progressive and representative architectural communities.

RE—SET—GO will be offering 18 paid work placements for 16-24 year olds from under-represented groups that live in Lambeth, Lewisham, Southwark or Wandsworth. Applications are now open and the deadline to apply is 6pm, 11 January 2021.

See: re-set-go.xyz

Despite the built environment’s influence on our everyday lives, women and Black, Asian and multi ethnic groups are still under-represented in the professions that shape it.

We want to help correct the bias in who gets to shape the cities we live and work in. We know that much more needs to be done to create opportunities in architectural practice, which has a poor track record when it comes to wider participation and diversity.

A number of activities will operate over the coming year, including paid work experience; participative workshops; knowledge exchange events; and 1-to-1 mentoring sessions to support future generations of architects, designers and architecture practices. The programme will provide opportunities for Black, Asian and multi ethnic individuals and women from the boroughs of Lambeth, Lewisham, Southwark, Wandsworth. It is employer-led and will give more than 150 individuals from under-represented backgrounds experience, skills and connections to prepare for employment in architecture practice.

RE—SET—GO is led by @we_made_that @if_do and @gortscott. Employer partners are formed from the @forum.london, a collective of 21 leading London architectural practices which care about the city, its people and its built environment.

Funding support comes from Stride, who campaign to build networks that inspire imaginations, encourage collaboration and the exchange of knowledge.


Planning Consent Week: 4 approvals in 4 different boroughs (Croydon, Haringey, Islington & Westminster)

Approvals include the development of 20 affordable homes in Atlanta Court, Thornton Heath, Croydon for @brickbybrickldn that was approved at planning committee on Thursday evening.

Constructed in red brick with gold-coloured windows (local reference ) the design includes arched brickwork to denote openings to shared accesses and circulation areas and curved balconies staggered between floors to maximise their access to daylight and sunlight.

Swipe to the left for the full elevation.

Project Architect: Tony Berongoy
Project Assistant: Chester Kendell

#planningsuccess #atlantacourt #hayhurstandco #affordablehomes #newhomes #brick #goldwindows


On site this week: The boundary treatment and landscaping works for Edith Neville Primary School are well on their way…

The incline in the elevations treatment responds to the widening of the newly formed public open space and creates a visually permeable edge to the school site. Looking forward to the planting and clearer skies!

Photo Credit: Jamie Wakeford Holder (Project Associate)

#schooldesign #boundarytreatment #edithnevilleprimaryschool #edithneville #candenschools


New Commission: Hayhurst & Co have been appointed by Camden Council to develop designs for the conversion of the Carlton Primary School into a new Early Year Foundation Stage (EYFS) and Community Hub.

This exciting project will include new spaces for Early Years provision, healthcare spaces, children centre spaces as well as a range of spaces for family support, adult community learning and employability services. Watch this space…

#newproject #communityspaces #educationspaces #communityhub


On site: I see you church tower, and I raise you with my chimney.

On site with ‘Ruined House’ in Cromer earlier this week.

#churchtower #chimney #cromer #norfolk #newhome #constructionsite #onsite


Hayhurst and Co director Jonathan Nicholls will be talking to architects about Architects working with Architects this afternoon for the RIBA South West Small & Emerging Practice Network and sharing his thoughts on what can be achieved by working collaboratively.

Hayhurst and Co have successfully collaborated with architects small and large and we strongly believe the future of public commissions lie in the rewards and benefits gained by creating plural and more diverse teams.

#hayhurstandco #collaboration #ribasouthwest #architectcollaboration


Winner…! Delighted that the Central Somers Town masterplan has won ‘Building Magazine’s award for ‘Delivering Social Value’ for all the people of Somers Town.

We worked for Camden Council alongside #dsdha @moco_arch @drmmarchitects_studio and @adamkhanarch. Completing soon, our project for Edith Neville Primary School will form the first stage of the project.

#socialvalue #deliveringsocialvalue #buildingawards #buildingswards2020 #edithnevilleprimaryschool #centralsomerstown #hayhurstandco #masterplan #awardwinning


Always nice to see our work in the @architectsjournal

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Grain House: A year on.

At the end of September, we commissioned another set of photos of Grain House. They show a year’s worth of weathering to the timber cladding and at the point when there are still leaves on the trees. Settling in nicely…

Photo Credit @kilianosullivan

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Part of a city: Edith Neville Primary School on site from the sky. The image from drone footage taken earlier this year shows the scale of the emerging building in the context of the scale of the city.

On the left the Grade-II listed Charrington Street running north and south and on the right – the other side of the main line – the King’s Cross development.

The project forms the first stage of a landscape-led masterplan for the development of Central Somers Town working alongside @dsdha_architecture @drmmarchitects_studio @moco_arch and @adamkhanarch

Drone footage by @alexmciveraerial c/o DSDHA.

#school #city #schooldesign #hayhurstandco #camden #learningspaces #whitebuilding #landscape #cityscape #edithnevilleprimaryschool


The big back door project: Photography in motion with @kilianosullivan at a recently completed project in Islington.

#bigbackdoor #islington #houserefurbishment #londonarchitecture #hayhurstandco #photographersatwork


In Education: This evening, Jonathan is presenting ongoing research into the creation of healthy learning spaces and applying what we’ve learnt from the Covid-19 pandemic to improve existing school buildings.

The work, done with the Association for Learning Environments (A4LE) is currently looking at the DFE’s Baseline School Designs and how we might retrofit existing schools to improve buildings that perform poorly with regards to the new rules on hygiene and virus-transfer.

#schooldesign #a4le #covidresponse #learningspaces #associationforlearningenvironments


School’s back! Today is the first day that most schools in England are re-opening after almost six months.

Over the next few weeks we will be re-sharing some of the innovative and ground-breaking school work we have done over the last 10 years.

This image is from Whitehorse Manor Primary School (part of the Pegasus Academy Trust). The photo by @anthony_coleman_photo was featured on the front page of the @thearchitecturalreview following the school being awarded the 2015 AR Schools Award. Like many of the photographs of our schools projects, we aim to have them photographed as active and occupied spaces that reveal acts of play, learning and living.

#schooldesign #architecture #londonarchitecture #learningspaces


On site: Changing spaces. The point when the internal walls come down is one of the most exciting and revealing parts of the remodelling process. On site with ‘Ruined House’ in north Norfolk.

#hayhurstandco #ruinedhouse #houseextension #norfolkarchitecture #newhome #constructionsite #workinprogress #cromer


Grain House on front page of AJ on-line today…!

@architectsjournal #grainhouse #hayhurstandco


Ruined House: Staring on site today, Ruined House is the remodelling and extension of a 1980s, H-plan, pattern book bungalow. Set high up on a ridge in Cromer, north Norfolk, the existing house fails to capture the sea views to the north or open up to the woods to the south.

The design adds a series of site-specific, flint-clad interventions around an over-sized flint chimney: interventions that appear to pre-date the existing house and, conversely, appear as the ruin around which the existing house was built.

Completing in Spring 2021. #ruinedhouse #hayhurstandco #norfolkarchitecture #home #houseextension #cromer


Garden House: Lovely to see Garden House re-published on @archdaily this morning. One of our favourite homes for the amazing @whitakermalem completed in 2015.

Happy Sundays.

Photo Credit: @kilianosullivan

#gardenhouse #hayhurstandco #archdaily #homesoflondon #london #architecture #home #oneoffhouse


Education Research: This week Jonathan has been leading a session at the Association For Learning Environments (A4LE) ‘Designing Spaces for Future Focused Schools: Beyond COVID’ conference.

Jonathan was looking at how we might find opportunities for positive permanent change to the design of existing learning spaces in the light of new technology and teaching practices rather than the implementation of temporary mitigation and pop-up solutions as a response to the spread of an infectious-diseases.

Issues discussed included openings, table design, information graphics, visibility and connections to outside spaces. Small modifications with small capital investments but with large impacts.

#education #learningspaces #schooldesign #schoolsforthefuture #a4le #beyondcovid #beyondcovid19


Lockdown look: The planters we designed for the fourth floor terrace at the RIBA are looking great and the plants are surviving lockdown thanks to the green-fingered security guard.

The design includes mobile, irregular-shaped planters and seats set at different heights that tesselate to form a continuous balustrade to the terrace.

Project Architect, Claire Taggart, took these photos on her visit this week. We are looking forward to this space being used by the Clore Learning Centre when 66 Portland Place re-opens.

@riba #clorelearningcentre #66portlandplace #outdoorlearning #plantsofinstagram #planters #roofterrace #outdoorclassroom #creativebalustrades #balustrade


In Education: We are pleased to share some of the work that Nick’s students have carried out as part of the MArch ‘Future Practice’ module he runs @soad_brighton.

The module encourages students to explore the potential agency of the architect in contemporary society and to reflect on their own professional ethics and design practices. All of this year’s papers taught and written under lockdown.

1. Nam Vu: Urban Greening: An exploration of the GLA’s Urban Greening Factor (image of St Paul’s being retrofitted to meet Urban Greening Factor)
2. Una Harran: Kindness and the activist Architect
3. Annette Saavedra: Post-human Practice

STaught with @hollyjeany and @tberongoy and with contributions from @joseph_zealhenry Alison Courtinho from @brickbybrickldn and Wilf Meynell from @studiobark.

#architecturestudents #studentwork #futurepractice


From the Archive: Our competition-winning proposal for a new pavilion on Marble Arch Island in central London. The project included a café, a sub-terranean theatre and event space that cantilevered over the lake and arranged within a new landscaped, park-land environment. The proposal connects the western end of Oxford Street with the north-western tip of Hyde Park and uses a meandering timber boardwalk to form pockets of public open space.
The design of the pavilion and its setting was informed by research into the history of the different types of gardens and different landscape characters that make up the Grade-I listed park land. The proposal re-modelled the dis-used walkways created by the 1960s gyratory to create a new ‘grazing plane’ between land and canopy: a permeable gateway between city and park.
We got as far as RIBA Stage 3 but alas it was not to be.
#marblearch #marblearchisland #hayhurstandco #pavilion #architecture #londonarchitecture


That Friday Feeling: A bright ceiling for an overcast morning. From the studio at Grain House, Hackney with #wfh modelling from one of our lovely clients.

Photo Credit: @kilianosullivan #grainhouse #hayhurstandco #brightceiling #yellow #yellowceiling #gardenstudio #hackney #architecture #londonarchitecture


7pm this evening. Nick will be talking with Deborah Daunt @dsdha_architecture @joevelomo from @moco_arch and Seth Scafe-Smith and Akil Scafe-Smith from @resolvecollective as part of the @architecturefoundation #100daystudio See the AF website for the zoom link. ‘Architecture isn’t about bricks and mortar; it’s about people’. We will be talking about the people-centred and landscape-centred work we are doing at Central Somers Town for Camden Council and on the Tustin Estate for Southwark Council.


Day 48. Tuesday 16th June, 7pm – 8pm: Architecture isn’t about bricks and mortar; it’s about people – Collaborative City Making via Zoom. See Architecture Foundation website for link.

As part of the Architecture Foundation’s 100 day studio, Nick will be in conversation with their Deborah Saunt (DSDHA), Joe Morris (Morris + Company), Seth Scafe-Smith and Akil Scafe-Smith (RESOLVE Collective) on the nature of people-centred and landscape-led approach to urban frameworks. A process that allows for an iterative and interactive design process where quality of place is brought to the fore.

Two case study projects will provide the focus of the event: Central Somers Town for LB Camden where Hayhurst and Co. worked with DSDHA, Adam Khan Architects, Morris + Company and dRMM; and the Tustin Estate for LB Southwark in collaboration with DSDHA, RESOLVE Collective and Kennedy Woods.

@architecturefoundation @dsdha_architecture @resolvecollective @moco_arch @joevelomo @kennedywoodsstudio @drmmarchitects_studio @adamkhanarch #hayhurstandco


Planning and Listed Building Consent: This week we are delighted to have got planning and listed building consent for a substantial 150m2 extension to a 3-storey, Grade-II listed mill house in Bedfordshire.

The original mill dates from the late 18th century, was significantly expanded in the 19th century before reducing in scale and becoming redundant by the 1960s. The first image is a historic photograph of the front of the mill from the 1920s.

The extension sits directly over the River Iver and provides a series of new living spaces, extended bedroom space, a remodelled luccum and includes refurbishing the sluice gates.

The second image is an overhead view of a physical model. Formally, the elevations and roof profiles are conceived as a series of new collaged elements set amongst the existing building and within the curtilage of the existing outbuildings and perimeter walls. The glazing is strategically located to provide a series of framed views of different depths and contexts: views around the grounds, through the trees and down the river.

#houseextention #mill #houseonwater #architecture #hayhurstandco #watermill #planningconsent #listedbuildingconsent


On site: The boundary works are coming along at Edith Neville Primary School.

The first photograph is of the pupil entrance into the courtyard: a large celebratory entrance like the entrance to the first Victorian school that stood on the site and in the same place as the entrance to the previous 1970s school building. Fortuitously wide to allow for a socially-distanced entrance and exit.

#edithnevilleprimaryschool #hayhurstandco #schooldesign #entrance #framing #londonarchitecture #architecture #edithneville


RIBA Award shortlist…! We are delighted to announce that Grain House has been shortlisted for an RIBA Award. “Materials chosen to weather over time characterise reinvigorated Victorian home” said the RIBA Journal. Well done to all the practices shortlisted! Photo Credit: @kilianosullivan

@riba @ribalondon @ribajournal #ribaawards #ribaawards2020 #hayhurstandco #grainhouse #architecture #londonarchitecture #home


Emerging from lockdown: As the construction sites start up again, we are looking forward to another new-start on site in July this year: our remodelling and extension of a 1980s bungalow in Cromer, north Norfolk.

Set on a sloping site close to the top of the ridge over-looking the town, the existing H-plan, pattern-book home was built on the only flat part of the site where there used to be a tennis court. The building was not designed to maximise the qualities of the site and fails to capture the views of the sea to the north or the woods to the south. Our design flips the living and sleeping accommodation and comprises a series of contemporary, site-specific domestic interventions. The extension takes the form of a cranked plan around an over-sized flint, chimney. In the landscape, tiered, flint planting beds help retain the land whilst extending the language of the new extension up and down the slope to form dedicated garden areas for external amenity.

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Emerging from lockdown: As the construction industry begins to get back on its feet, we are looking forward to seeing a number of new projects start on site in the coming months. Green House – a new 5-bedroomed family home in Haringey for a photographer and a teacher – is almost there. Located in a conservation area, the design draws on the green, heavily-wooded backland character of the site and re-interprets the traditional greenhouse as a model of domestic space.
The new home is constructed from cross-laminated timber (CLT) and incorporates planting within a deep polycarbonate elevation to the front of the house. In the centre of the home is a two-storey, glazed atrium that contains the dining space around which curtains can be either fully drawn or – quite theatrically – partially drawn to provide different levels of privacy, openers and acoustic absorbance between different domestic activities. At the first floor the atrium provides a gallery on all four sides from which to access the bedrooms, bathroom and utility space. All the bedrooms look out on to the mature trees that surround the site.

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On site: Following this weeks site visit we have been looking back at photographs of earlier site visits of the façade before the school was occupied.

These photos are from mid-December when the façade was nearing completion and the mature trees that surround the site at their most bare. The photos reveal the granular and filigree relationship between the branches of the trees and the metal structure and ribbing of the perforated aluminium façade. The light falls off some of the structure in the same way that if falls of the trunk and branches of the trees and helps blur the point where the building ends and the trees takeover.

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On site: We did our first, socially-distanced, site visit for the external works at our new-build Edith Neville Primary School in Central Somers Town yesterday.
The boundary steelwork is up! This will form the new southern boundary to the school site on to the new public realm that will firm a new public open space connecting two urban parks.
The profile of the southern boundary steps down from the parapet of the 2-storey building to 1.8m high. It provides visual protection to external learning spaces at ground and first floor spaces and includes larger openings which align with new trees and key views from the school to the public realm. We are looking forward to completion as lockdown eases.
The project was part of a wider collaborative masterplan of projects that will we undertook with @dsdha_architecture @drmmarchitects_studio @moco_arch @adamkhanarch and will be the subject of @architecturefoundation 100 day studio on Tuesday 16th June.
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Grain House: Looking at the outside of the house and how the timber detail extends form the inside of the house to the outside.

Externally, the roof of the extension is finished in treated sycamore slats clad over a standing seam copper roof with the walls clad in burnt larch – extending the use of locally-sourced timbers that compliment the interior. The form of the extension is conceived as a timber sculpture as it follows the opening up and closing down of spaces internally and appears as an organic and arboreal against the boxiness of the Victorian house.

In detail, the timber slats in the roof extend over the copper so as to reveal their edges and create an ‘eye-lid’ over the picture window from the dining-space that light can fall through. The detail is designed to extend the depth of the window as a threshold between inside and out: projecting the grain of the timbers out into the garden whilst bringing the grain of the garden back into the dining space.
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Grain House: Some more photos of our recently completed project in Hackney.

Internally, the palette of materials includes a variety of natural finishes that are designed to age well. Native timber species were sourced in the UK from sustainably managed forests and processed by small timber yards in Wiltshire and Sussex. The project includes walnut, oak, and ash all used in their natural state with imperfections and variety in colour left to be expressed. A number of different species were combined together to form the distinctive kitchen that was made by @sebastiancoxltd in his workshop in Woolwich: it includes walnut carcasses and drawers suspended in an English ash frame.

The project also include natural lime plasters, manufactured in the UK, a surface finish that has less embodied carbon than gypsum-based products. Together, the use of lime plaster and timber were sourced to age with the property so that they mature over time, providing a rich texture of patinated finishes.
Photo: @kilianosullivan #hayhurstandco #grainhouse #hackney #houseextension #londonarchitecture #londoninterior #sebastiancox #wood #woodwork #limeplaster


Entrances and Threshold: Image showing close-up 3-dimensional composition of the entrance to our 20-home scheme for @brickbybrickldn . The semi-circular balconies compliment the arched entrances and are staggered in plan on the east-facing elevation to allow a better coverage of south-facing aspect and sunlight to the balconies at the lower level. #councilhomes #affordablehomes #conviviality #hayhurstandco #newhomes #brickbybrick #londonarchitecture #archedwindows #curvedbalcony #socialhousing #brickbybrick #brickbuilding #brick


Entrances and Thresholds: Extracts of elevations showing the two approaches to our 20-home scheme for @brickbybrickldn . The arched windows to the stairwell are a nod to some of London’s pioneering turn-of-the century social housing that saw generous well-lit, airy and convivial shared circulation spaces. The brick arch to the entrance canopy at ground floor denotes the point of entry and visually balances the blocks north-facing flank wall. #councilhomes #affordablehomes #conviviality #hayhurstandco #newhomes #brickbybrick #londonarchitecture #archedwindows #curvedbalcony #socialhousing #brickbybrick #brickbuildings #brick


In the press: Nice little piece in today’s @architectsjournal about the two housing schemes that we have recently submitted for planning for @brickbybrickldn on @yourcroydon. Keeping good company with @gortscott @marydugganarc @archio_ltd @ruffarchitects @threefold_architects @denizen_works @sw_arch @pitmantozer @stitch_architects @maearchitects #newhousing #councilhousing #affordablehomes #hayhurstandco #londonarchitecture


In planning: Our proposal for 20 affordable homes on a garage site in Thornton Heath for @brickbybrickldn has been submitted for planning. The new 4-storey building at Atlanta Court will form the third side and an active front to an existing shared space. Drawing reference from the English tradition of early, turn-of-the-century social housing, the entrance and circulation areas are embellished with large, elongated arched openings of the common stair to the new block. The semi-circular motif is continued through to the projecting curved balconies to the upper-floor homes that are staggered in plan to reduce the impact of shadow from upper balconies. #councilhomes #affordablehomes #conviviality #hayhurstandco #newhomes #brickbybrick #londonarchitecture #archedwindows #curvedbalcony


Publication: The Association for Learning Environments is publishing a booklet on the ‘Westminster Design Day’ workshop that Director Jonathan Nicholls did last March. The sketches were a collaboration with educators (former teachers) and specialist designers (Ecophon, OECD designers, and furniture) for a ‘future focussed’ learning environment – for a primary school.

The key principles of the spaces that we identified were;
1. Enabling Environments; spaces that allow a collaborative approach to teaching.
2. Supportive Spaces; a variety of spaces that can be used flexibly to support different learning practices.
3. Enjoyable Spaces; spaces that pupils and staff enjoy being in.
4. Learning Landscapes; external environments that appeal to all pupils and provide a positive backdrop for learning.
We considered how different activities and teaching practices could be flexibly applied across the spaces. We looked at furniture layouts, following the OECD principles of; presentation, group, individual and team teaching. This method of testing the plans provoked group discussion on how a typical cellular classroom space no longer needs to exist in a primary school and how year bases can teach across a range of varied spaces, rather than having formal set areas for fixed whole class sizes.
The space we workshopped, provides a variety of types of space of differing sizes; the formal room to accommodate groups of pupils at tables, the large 60 pupil group at an amphitheatre-style seat, the practical space with a sink, multiple break-out spaces with good connections to the outside that can accommodate different numbers of learners on bean-bags or sofas and intimate spaces where 1:1 focused learning with a teacher can take place, well acoustically separated from the other spaces. This ‘future learning environment’ convincingly achieves our manifestos aims and fits within the BB103 floor areas that were defined in the design brief.

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A breath of fresh air for the weekend: Grain House is a remodelled and extended Victorian home in the de Beauvoir Conservation Area in Hackney, north London. Completed last year, the house connects original and new living spaces via a 2-storey sunken courtyard that creates a visual link from the entrance, through to new family spaces and on to the garden. The project will be published on our website next week! Photo: @kilianosullivan #hayhurstandco #grainhouse #hackney #houseextension #londonarchitecture #displayart


In the press: Nick is quoted in today’s @architectsjournal discussing the impact of the lockdown on small architectural practices. #architectsatwork #architectsjournal #hayhurstandco


Something for the (long) weekend: Current work-in-progress drawings showing tone and material studies for a 150m2 extension to a 3-storey, Grade-II listed mill in Bedfordshire. The original mill dates from the late 18th century, was significantly expanded in the 19th century before reducing in scale and becoming redundant by the 1960s. It was converted to residential use in the 1980s. Sitting directly over the water, our proposal is conceived as a series of new collaged elevations and forms set amongst the existing building, outbuildings and perimeter walls. #designinprogress #architecturalcollage #mill #houseonwater


New commission: a room with a view. We have just been appointed by a photographer to refurbish a 3-storey, Grade II listed house in Hampstead for her and her family. Located close to the Heath, the property includes an outbuilding at the rear of the garden that will be redeveloped to form a new studio. #newcommission #houseextension #hayhurstandco


Working from home: The first floor space at Garden House is a studio, exhibition space and fitting room for the leather making duo @whitakermalem. The design for the first floor includes desks for sewing machine and computer work with picture-windows placed low down in the roof slope to provide framed views of the trees and greenery in the back gardens of adjacent homes. #wfh #gardenhouse #hayhurstandco #studiospace #londonarchitecture #hackney


Working from home: This is the beginning of our third week of #WFH and our new work environments are just beginning to feel lived-in. This is Nick’s desk at his south London home where a number of plants from the studio are keeping him company.

Nick’s home is an Edwardian wreck that he and his family moved into last year leaving behind their pristine modernist house that won an RIBA Award when it was built back in 1970. Work has started on the Edwardian retrofit: you can see the edges of the recycled wood-fibre internal insulation and unpainted lime plaster around the windows frames.

Nick is currently focussing on finalising the planning application for a block of 20 affordable homes in south London, starting the design for a refurbishment of a Grade-II listed home and studio for a photographer in Hampstead and writing up his research entitled ‘Class Action: a space for learning’ for #ref2021. Like many practice Directors, the last few weeks have been more teams, spreadsheets and pain than pen, paper and joy. Hopefully this week will be different..!


Home life: A space in the sun, a space in the shade. Burnt House, St.John’s Wood. Completed in 2016. Stay healthy and at home over the weekend…! #fbf #burnthouse #hayhurstandco #dontmoveimprove #houseextension #londonarchitecture


Working from home: A seven-way internal review in action this morning via Teams. The subject the DAS for the next of our schemes for @brickbybrickldn. #workingfromhome #designreview #hayhurstandco


Covid-19: Architects at Work

1. We are all home-working and everyone is currently well.

2. We are operating differently, but open for business as usual.

3. We are IT’d up and are still talking and sharing: we have VPN access, remote desktops and MS Teams for communications.

4. Our plan is not to slash costs as we are aware this will impact individuals and other small businesses: it is a time to act collectively and hope everyone else will as well.

5. Whilst clearly catastrophic, we are hopeful that these events may bring some positive change and new flexibilities about the way our profession and our industry work.

Stay safe…! #staysafe #covid19 #architectsatwork #coronavirus #workingathome #hayhurstandco


8.15pm. 16.03.20. See you on the other side… #homeworking


In planning: Our proposal for 9 affordable homes on a garage site in Selhurst for @brickbybrickldn has been submitted for planning. This bay study shows part of an elevation that faces a shared space for old and new residents. The design has been developed to provide a sense of domesticity, privacy and conviviality. #councilhomes #affordablehomes #conviviality #hayhurstandco #newhomes


Winner…! We are thrilled that our STEM Lab at Torriano Primary School was announced as one of the 26 National winners at the Civic Trust Award Ceremony on Friday evening. Huge congratulations to the team…! @civictrustawards #torrianoprimaryschool #civictrustawards


Grain House: A remodelled and extended Victorian, semi-detached property in the de Beauvoir Conservation Area in Hackney, north London. Designed for a young family, the house connects original and new living spaces and creates a visual link from the entrance, through the family spaces to the garden and on to the new artist’s studio at the back of the site. Soon to be published on our website! Kitchen: @sebastiancoxltd Photo: @kilianosullivan #hayhurstandco #grainhouse #hackney


Work in Progress: An image from an elevational study for a development of 23 affordable homes for @brickbybrickldn The study looks at how to minimise overlooking to adjacent homes whilst providing a sense of natural surveillance over shared green spaces. The arches provide covered entrance to the ground floor homes, the common stairs and the rear of the site whilst hit-and-miss brickwork provides tempered daylight through to the walkways. #housing #newhousing #brick #hayhurstandco #arch #brickworkarch


Result…! We are thrilled that Holly Crosbie from our team has just passed her RIBA Part 3 Exams with Distinction from @bartlettarchucl Holly joined Hayhurst and Co as a Part 1 student in 2012 and returned after Part 2 studies. She is shown here in our recently completed ‘A House in Hackney’: a project she led from beginning to end. Well done Holly…! #part3 #ahouseinhackney #housextension


On the market: Snug House went on the market with @themodernhouse today. In 2017, we completed the remodelling and extension of this garden flat in Muswell Hill to create a series of split-level living spaces leading out to the garden. Turning a 2-bed flat into a 3-bed family home. #snughouse #houseforsale #themodernhouse #splitlevelhouse #houseextension


We are thrilled that our STEM Activity Lab at Torriano Primary School is one of 12 projects that have been shortlisted for the @ribajournal MacEwen Award. Less aesthetics, more ethics, the award recognises ‘architecture for the common good’. The winner will be announced soon. #macewenaward #ribajournal #torrianoprimaryschool #stemlab #learningspace #schooldesign


Work in progress: Yesterday we presented the residential projects we are working on for @brickbybrickldn in the form of a 3 minute petcha kucha. Great to share challenges and opportunities of working in small sites with the other excellent architect teams.

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2020 Projects: Starting on site this year is our remodelling and extension of a rural bungalow. Our design comprises a series of contemporary, site-specific domestic interventions formed around an over-sized flint chimney. #norfolk #hayhurstandco #flint #house


2020 Projects: We are excited to be finalising the design for a pair of homes on a back-land site in Croydon, London. The green glazed ceramic tiled roof is intended to enhance the woodland character of site, nestled amongst mature trees. The project is due to start on site in spring. #newproject #projectsfor2020 #comingsoon…


2020 Projects: This week we are showcasing projects we are excited to be working on in 2020. We are currently developing ideas for a new library, community centre and nursery alongside improved public spaces and new housing for a local authority in south london. The WIP image is testing the relationship between the public open space and proposed buildings. #newproject #mixeduse #architectsimages #projectsfor2020


Back to work…! The Hayhurst and Co team are back and looking forward to the year ahead. Photo is at Edith Neville Primary School which opens its doors to pupils for the first time in Thursday this week – can’t wait!!! Photo Credit: @kilianosullivan #hayhurstandco #edithnevilleprimaryschool #stairporn #learningspaces #schooldesign


To conclude a day of discussing the year ahead and tidying the studio ready for 2020, one of our Part 2 assistants, Marina Konstantopoulou, has made a traditional (and vegan…) Greek New Year’s Pie. Who will find the coin??? #newyearspie #2020 #veganuary #veganpie


Happy new year from all at Hayhurst & Co! Here is a selection of our most popular posts from 2019. We have lots of exciting projects starting on site this year – watch this space! #hayhurstandco #bestnine #happynewyear


Happy Christmas and a Happy New Year from Hayhurst and Co. #happychristmas


For feasting…!: The kitchen of Hayhurst & Co Director, Jonathan Nicholls, features as one of the kitchens in @themodernhouse Journal ‘Chef’s Choice: Six homes that were made for feasting’ #feasting #themodernhouse #londonarchitecture #peckham #kitchen #houseextension


Studio spring clean: Re-using our Bug Metropolis exhibition from the RIBA in the studio’s front window. Too much post-election blues and not much appetite for work this morning… #postelectionblues #architectsoffice #bugmetropolis


From the archive: in 2008, we completed Sun House in London’s East End. The project included a nice new place to sit in an extension that opened up and twisted to face the sun. Photo Credit: @kilianosullivan #tbf #hayhurstandco #londonarchitecture #houseextension #dontmoveimprove #sunhouse


Opening soon! Our new building for Edith Neville Primary School in Camden will be opening its doors for the first time in January 2020. We can’t wait – here’s a peak of the new gallery space that links the front entrance to the outside play spaces and main hall. Watch this space…

#edithnevilleprimaryschool #camden #hayhurstandco #sneakpeek #primary #centralsomerstown #education


Work in progress: We are currently developing detailed designs for a new family home in Haringey, London that draws on the green, heavily-wooded backland character of the site. The new home incorporates a double height living space and a planted front elevation – a contemporary re-interpretation of the Victorian greenhouses that once filled the neighbouring plot. The home will be constructed using sustainable and recyclable materials and includes renewable energy sources. Construction is due to start in Spring 2020. #newhome #haringey #greenhouse #hayhurstandco #houseplants #familyhome #londonarchitecture #architecture #CLT #CLThouse