Portfolio: Hairy House

Portfolio: Hairy House, named because of the wildflower turf roof, is an extension to a Victorian end of terrace house. A mere 10 square metres larger than the previous footprint of a dilapidated lean-to, the extension provides a new family kitchen, dining and play space. The simplicity of the brief was accompanied by a desire to use the opportunities afforded by the angled and tapering geometry of the site to create a unique architectural response. Hairy House won a RIBA National Award and a RIBA London Small Project Award in 2012.
Photo credit: @kilianosullivan
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Acorns Nursery

Recently completed: Acorns Nursery at Netley Primary School, is a single-storey nursery building for 20, 2-year-olds. The site sits between a bold new school building completed in 2014 and a triple-decker, Victorian Board School – the ‘King’ and ‘Queen’ of the site. Acorns is conceived as the cheeky little ‘Jack’: a single-storey building that mimics its larger neighbours with its flush pointed red-brick, diamond-shaped mirror tiles externally and acoustic shaped tiles internally. The frog-eye window scoops light into the depth of the plan behind the shadow of the neighbouring buildings and helps provide views out from within.

photo credit: @kilianosullivan

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Burnt House featured on Dezeen

Dezeen: Burnt House has been featured on Dezeen, visit dezeen.com and search ‘Hayhurst and Co’ to find out more. @dezeen photos: @kilianosullivan #burnthouse #hayhurstandco #charredtimber

On site: Torriano Primary School

On site: Torriano Primary School STEAM lab is nearing completion. The plants are in! Set within mirror polished stainless steel planters and shingles. #hayhurstandco #camden #torrianoprimary #kentishtown #STEAM #urbangreening #plantsofinstagram